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Whoops, I've accidently bought another guitar.

I got this yesterday, it's absolutley beautiful. I think it's a 1955 Gibson century 6 lap steel with a P90 pickup. As soon as I got it I plugged it in, tuned it to E and started to play the blues, it sounds great. What a piece of history. All I need now is a rocking chair and a porch.;)

If any of you guys have any information about this instrument that you wouldn't mind sharing let me know as I'm keen to find out as much as possible. It was an impulse buy, I'd never even seen one before, but I'm glad I got it and will give the old beauty a good home. Anyway must go now, I can feel those North Coventry delta blues coming on again:-s








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Ok I'm now answering questions out of line, thats my tech ability. Yeh when I say accidentally it's like you said, I just saw it and thought I'd buy it. I paid £500 pounds for it, which I think is around $750. I don't now what it's worth but I am happy with what I paid, as long as someone doesn't come on here and say they go for a hundred bucks.

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