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ES-125 questions


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hello there


I have been in contact with a guy here regarding an ES-125 he is selling. I don' know much about these guitars other than that they look and sound amazing. i was wondering if anyone on here could tell me a little about them and possibly judge as to whether this particular guitar is genuine 9i have not seen one in a non-sunburst finish before), and also wether the money he is asking is reasonable?


anyhoo, here is the ad, not many photos i'm afraid






Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.

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Links aren't responding. Nevertheless, I've never encountered a natural finished ES-125. Likely a refin. The ES-125's always been a workhorse. Laminated body, one P-90 pickup. Also been made in thin hollow body (ES-125T), full or thin body with a cutaway (ES-125C, ES-125TC) and two P-90s (ES-125D) versions. Prices vary from around $1000 and on up, depending on the model and condition. Ce

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Thanks for replying.


Think I messed up the links. lets try again...






I have just got back from playing it. it is a refinish but seems genuine. the serial number is stamped on the wood inside the bottom f-hole. plays like a dream too. Just wondering about value really

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A singer/songwriter friend of mine (the wonderful Devon Sproule from Virginia...everyone needs to hear her music-check it out!) plays a wonderful 1950s ES125 in sunburst.


Hers is an incredible sounding example, she often just plugs right in to the PA and lets the beautiful sounding and age-mellowed P90 do its thing.


I am a big fan on the ES125 and intend to add one to my arsenal sometime soon.


In fact, a trusted dealer of mine, Glenn Sinnock, has two or three in stock at the moment including a standard, a TD and D.


Check out his website at www.glennsguitars.com for descriptions etc.

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I got to have one at my house for a few days a year or so ago..... I was in love after the first night! The owner backed out on our potential trade deal so I had to give it back, but I have been GASsing for one ever since.


Couple names of players who have played or owned that guitar is Tracy Chapman (hers is now retired from the road) and of course George Thorougood makes his two P90 equipped 125 scream! They are certainly a great match for a blues player. It may be a one trick pony, but man does it horse around nicely!


The refinish will de-value it, but who cares... you gonna play it or sell it?


Remember John Lennon "Refinished" his Epiphone Casino by stripping the finish off in the hopes it would resonate better.... must have been a good idea as now they have a John Lennon Elitist model I believe with the finish stripped off! [biggrin]

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