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Again with the Dusk Tiger


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Some people hate it, some like it. Personally I hate it, well the looks anyway. its looks terrible in my oppinion and I think its way to much for a 3rd generation robot. But Tell me... out of the 3 generations, which would you pick?

The original robot? Dark Fire? or (ugh) the Dusk tiger?

If you asked me, id say the Dark Fire, the only thing I'd change on it would be the truss rod cover and it doesn't look bad. I'm saying dark fire mainly because I own one and know its power. robots are cool too, but anyway... which would you pick out of the 3?:) :-$

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i'd rather not get one, they don't appeal to me at all. and the dusk tiger is one ugly mother!, most people say you should go for sound first then looks...bullcrap! if your'e in a club and you see a butt ugly girl you dont think to yourself "well she's got a face like a moose but i bet she's got a nice personality" it's always first impression i.e looks that grabs your attention, when i buy a guitar it is the look,colour,finish that makes me interested and if it sounds good i'll buy it if not i wont...[-(:-$[angry]

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I opted for a Dark Fire is an unusual guitar.

The automatic tuning system comes in very handy and reliable, more like the guitar tuning is perfectly agree not derive noted.

The split of p-90 pickups and the piezo + Burstbukcer is interresting in parallel in phase or out, the more we add a little tone that rock, or blues, metal, twang ...

The system chameleon tone is very surprising and very many possibilities.

Allowing a wide range of different sound.

It is completely different from my other Gibson. But it can be used as a traditional guitar

I know that many people, takes a dim view of this technology.


I therefore recommend to TRY these guitars to account for their potential BEFORE judge.

I think many will be surprised and delighted!

This guitar includes the expertise Gibson with today's technology.

Times change and things change. I am against a guitar that plays all alone.

But this is not the case, it's still a Gibson with more sounds functionality and possibility. The bet is successful


It is a very good complement to my Custom.


Personally I do not like the look of the Dusk Tiger!


Here is mine!


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I'd consider Dusk Tiger if I trusted the technology but I don't.

All these guitars are still new and nobody can say for sure that they'll be problem free in 5' date=' 10+ years.


raine, that LP looks sweet! [/quote']


What worries me is the battery in time.

How many full charge support it?

There will be possible to buy new? there is no information about that.


For technology I hope that by taking care like a baby, it will suport the ravages of time.

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