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Dusk Tiger replacing new strings


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How to change strings on the Dusk Tiger? No idea at all!! Is there an 'auto' mode in the MCK to wind up after the inserting and locking the strings? Could not find any manuals that have the basic string change instructions either. Sorry I know it's basic please help! Thanks a bunch!

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Tried it it didn't work. Pressed 4 times to Red mode. Selected arrow up/A. All EADGBe turned red. Rotated to selected string, turned blue. Press MCK more than a sec to enter. Nothing happens. Tapping on the saddles too, nothing. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks man!!

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Thank you Skeeter and tronical.member!

Each string does string up but only a little turn, hence, the string tension is really loose. Is this normal? Stringing Down, it is as described two at a time, no issues.

On another note, the 3rd G and 1st e-string doesn't seem to wind up to pitch as quickly as the rest of the strings. In short, it is not as 'sensitive' as the rest. Has anyone encounter the same situation?

Are the original stock strings Gibson Brite Wires? Thanks so much for all the help folks! Sorry for so many questions.

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the strings need a small amount of pre-tension in order to not touch any fret as they carry the power and data up to the neck electronics. Pull on the strings before screwing tight the lock nut to avoid any short.

In string up mode you should tap on the MCK for each string 2-4 times in sequence:

- E, A and D string push MCK 2-3 times

- G, B and high e push MCK 3-4 times.

Afterwards you can either strum or switch to normal robotune mode.


For the strings that seem not to be as sensitive as the others:

- check their string shafts on the bridge saddles, they must not be inclined at all, use a pliers or a small screw driver and push them back slightly towards the tailpiece so they are in an upright position inside the saddle.

This will make the piezos, which are implemented inside the saddles work more sensitive.

- the higher the string gage, the better respond from the piezos you will get.



You play. We tune.

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