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I actually like it... I'm not going to blindly buy it, but after testing it out I probably will buy one. I'll get the model with 3G... I don't care to switch to AT&T (since I don't have to pay my Verizon bill), but would like data access. $30 per month, unlimited, with no contract, is much better than I could get through Verizon, which I would have to pay for. There have been quite a few times while on the road that I need to look something up but can't find (or don't want to pay for) a Wi-Fi signal.



That said... Apple stock is funny. In the days leading up to a big product announcement, the stock increased dramatically due to the mystery surrounding their product launches. Immediately afterwards it drops because Apple can't meet the demands of the people on the Internet who want some sort of magic box that does whatever they want.

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