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Custom Shop Re-issue Reverse Firebird III Bridge


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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I have a question regarding a Gibson guitar that I recently acquired.

It's a new Gibson Custom Shop Reverse Firebird III in vintage sunburst. It has a lightning Bar bridge and short

tremolo(Maestro Tremolo). The lightning Bar bridge came with string grooves cut into it to retain the strings in position.

The high E and B strings pop out of these grooves regularly when playing. Particularly when bending strings or picking slightly harder. This creates a pinging sound as the string rubs in the groove and then pops out. I want to know if

1. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and what have they done to correct it? 2. Did the original Lightning Bar

bridges on Firebirds, SG's, etc., have grooves cut into the bridges as string retainers? I'm assuming that when the Lightning Bar bridge is used as a wrap over bridge that such string grooves would not be needed. I can only assume that The Gibson Custom Shop cut the grooves to retain the strings when the Maestro Tremolo is used. The tremolo is not really correct compared to a 1963 - 1964 original. The originals were constructed differently and mounted with metal stand-offs where the three screws secured the unit to the top of the guitar, and were slightly taller than the reproduction tremolos. In addition the bent steel tremolo portion of the original tremolo unit, where the strings attach, seems to have been positioned closer to the body and therefore the break angle of the strings over the bridge was steeper. This steeper string break angle over the Lightning Bar bridge would mean that string grooves wouldn't be necessary. Photos of original Reverse Firebird III guitars' Lightning Bar bridges appear to not have string grooves cut into them, although it is very difficult to tell for sure. If anyone has info regarding original Lightning Bar bridges and whether string grooves were originally cut into them, it would be much appreciated.


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welcome to the forum, i do own a firebird, but i am no expert . post some pics so all would have a better understanding of the problem. maybe take it to a factory auth. service shop and let them check it out. sounds to me like the grooves need to filed a bit. imo. but let a pro do it. as it's a CS.

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