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Gibson/Epiphone EXPLORER BASS Guitar Case...


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Hi.... I'm Tommy and I'm angry.....[angry]


Does anyone know where I can find a Gibson/Epiphone EXPLORER BASS Guitar CASE?[biggrin]

Model number: 940-EXBCX


No one on the planet seems to have this. Gibson and Epiphone apparently have never heard of such a thing even though they make this f#cking guitar. I tried everywhere on the F#CKING world wide web and every guitar retailer in the central Texas area to come up with a case for my new EXPLORER BASS guitar..... and these asswipes act like I'm from f#cking Mars or something!#-o


When I buy a f#cking new guitar... I WANT A NEW F#CKING GUITAR CASE WITH IT! WTF???!!![blink]




Why doesn't Gibson or Epiphone show a list of guitar cases they make? Why would they make a guitar with out a case. If I don't find a case for this guitar in the next 5 days I returning it and never buying another EXPLORER guitar as long as I live. [confused]


I will not accept a piece of **** Coffin Case either.... they're junk! [angry]

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Thanks RD....


I've already gone down the guitar center road.... They sold me a Coffin case. It was junk and it didn't even fit the Explorer.


I order Gibson Explorer case on line and the rep told me it fit both the Explorer guitar and Explorer bass guitar... But turns out that wasn't true at all. The Explorer guitar case only fits a Explorer guitar.... it's to short for the Explorer bass.


I'm not so sure a Thunderbird case will work, but I'd gladly try it, if I could only find one of those case as well. I can't find a Gibson/Epiphone Thunderbird "BASS" case either. I see Firebird cases all over the place, but again the case is for the Firebire guitar only and is to short to fit a Thunderbird or an Explorer bass guitar.


I also have an Ibanez 1980 Destroyer bass guitar. I've had it for several years now and it's a sweet veteran bass guitar, however; I've never been able to find a case online or at a retailer either.


It baffles me that these guitar companies sell guitars with out any thought about providing an adequate case....



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Yeah.... I took the model number 940-exbcx and went back to Guitar Center this morning and had then create a purchase order and paid for the 940-exbcx case in advance.... so this way they can't **** it up. Of course they don't even carry this case in their inventory.... they had to special order it from Gibson.


They're suppoesed to call mewhen it comes in...[biggrin]

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When the case comes in take your bass with you to make sure it fits, because as I said before, the folks at GC don't always listen very well and may have keyed in the wrong part number. they actually ordered a guitar case the first time even though I repeated the part number multiple time and explained to the guy this was for a long scale bass.

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Yeah.... That's already happened to me as well..... but this time I have a copy of the invoice and it has the correct case model number printed on it..... So if they slip up, it's on them and they can handle the cost of ordering the correct one. There is one guy I deal with at Austin Guitar Center and he's pretty good. Whenever I call down there or go in to look at something or buy something, I always ask for the same guy.

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  • 5 months later...

SOLVED!! I joined this forum just so I could tell you where to find a bass for this case... I mean a case for this bass. LOL


I too was banging my head trying to find a case for this thing, an item I bought for a gig with a Def Leppard tribute band called Hysteria. The bass indeed fits the bill... looks right, is priced right, and once I got it and played it awhile I think it sounds REALLY damned good.


So OK a case. This band travels between DFW, San Antonio and Houston area so a soft case didn't work. The EXBCS stock numbered case that Gibson pointed me to will take 180 days minimum to make as a special order from either MF or GC. It'll be made of heavy plywood. No.


I made a soft case out of grey carpet that looks like Eeyore swallowed a bass guitar. No. Doesn't travel well and since its made of carpet if fairly begs one to wipe his feet on it.


Someone said to try an 88 key keyboard case. A hard one costs way more than the bass itself, is too heavy, and still has to be padded. A soft one won't travel and would just look like Eeyore in parachute pants.


So I started thinking creatively. What else is really long like that? A RIFLE. I got to looking and found there are sturdy, lightweight hard cases made to carry a pair of scoped rifles, whose inner dimensions match an 88 key keyboard case, but aren't quite as deep.


In particular I found Cabela's XPG Rifle Case item: IA-229453 . It sells for $119 and is ATA approved... for guns at least.


You can get it here.


It's ABS plastic with a rigid aluminum frame. Sturdy. I took my bass down to Cabela's, gulped and walked in a little nervously with my dumpy grey case and laid it gently on the counter. The older gentleman checking in guns and stuff at the front desk arched his eyebrows.


"OK this is a wierd request. I have a bass guitar stuffed up Eeyore's orifice here and I want to see if it maybe fits better in one of your rifle cases back there."


He chuckled in disbelief.


"Really? A bass guitar huh? Yeah that IS a wierd request. Sure let me see it, I'll put a tag on it and you go knock yourself out."


I took it back and it was a perfect fit. The dimensions are EXACT. It's built like a tank out of aluminum. Its lightweight. It locks. It's ATA approved. The convoluted foam padding inside is cut-to-fit so the bass won't move a millimeter once trimmed. It seems as if it were MADE for this particular bass, and comes with foam I can cut to fit like a glove.


On the way back out I stopped to thank the man, and tell him it fit perfectly. He laughed and said


"Well I'll be darned. I've heard of people carrying machine guns in violin cases before, but never heard of anybody carrying guitars in shotgun cases."


And so I'm sure Ted Nugent would be very proud...


Actually, since the interior is cut to fit I may end up buying one of these for ALL of my basses. img][img]img][img]

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