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sammy hager sig les paul...

S t e v e

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Is Madonna gonna get one next?



WOW! Then I'm gonna hold on a little longer to my life's savings to get her signature Les Paul Custom I think...! Will they be offering a white top hat to go with it...? (I guess I will have to buy extra the fishnet stockings...[thumbup] )




WTF...? Thinks like these rather destroy than enhace Gibson's name, IMHO. :-

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Saw Sammy playing a Wine Red LP probably ten years ago.

(Seen him a bunch of times, he's usually sporting a Washburn custom job of some kind.)


This looks like he stuck the Chickenfoot logo on his old guitar.


He's played Les Pauls since day one though, along with a regular variety of other stuff.

Check out the words from my favorite Sammy tune from 1981;


"Crank out the drums, crank out the bass, crank out my Les Paul.... in your face....."



Won't be buying a signature LP though, I'd rather get the signature installed myself.



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Also' date=' I thought that Yamaha was doing a Sammy Hagar signature?




Of course, I haven't read the page closely, so I'm not really sure. But why would they have the page if they weren't making the guitars?[/quote']

Here's the link for his sig model.........looks like Gibson hasn't done its' research.......


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