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What's up with this?


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Most of the time scratch and dent instruments aren't scratched or dented.


They are usually just guitars that have been returned. That means the owner probly had it for a very short time and took care of it. Who beats up a brand new Gibson?


Also it could be a scratch or mark on the case. Who cares about that? Not me. Scratch n dent is cool.


Buying used is great. I just bought a used amp and I got a sweet deal and I'm really happy with the amp.

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If you look around sometimes you can find leftys on close-out pretty cheap. The cheaper price is for scratch and ding merch' date=' IMO, if you're going to buy scratch and ding, you might as well buy used.[/quote']


Nope I like scratch and dent every time I buy one there is something wrong with the electronics so I call up whoever I bought it from and let them know there is something wrong other than scratches and they always send me a brand new one for no extra cash. Refurbished is always the same.

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