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non blues song i wrote


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First of all: I really freakin' liked it, man! It had good structure, it was interesting to listen to throughout, I think it's going to end up being a really cool piece. Next, a few questions and a few idle suggestions:


1) Do you use a metronome for practice? I'm only asking because some of the parts sounded a little off time and (this isn't a judgment of your abilities) it was jarring at times. You may want to try locking in the rhythm and giving it another go.


2) Is this to be the extent of the arrangement? I had a few ideas about things that I would have done (not necessarily things you would consider good ideas, just my weird musical mind working.) Things like adding a mellow, simple percussion section underneath the chords, kind of a light bossa nova thing maybe? Things like switching between sonic textures for the lead work--like, maybe I (not necessarily what you'll want to do) would switch around between an acoustic sound, a compressed clean electric sound, a mildly distorted electric sound and an ethereal, chorused/reverbed/delayed/phased-out sound for the lead parts during the song? It's just a suggestion and it's far from being essential (to be honest I liked it a lot the way it was) but it's something to perhaps look into, that maybe you might want to experiment with textures.


3. I think that, for an outro, my suggestion would to be to return to the rhythm pattern with no melodic embellishments above it, and to fade out from there. Of course, this is only one possibility, and there are as many ways to end a song as there are to start it.


I liked it a lot, though! Good luck on your future developments with it--I'd like to hear the next cut if you so decide to do another.

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