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Gibson Explorer Pro 2007 GOTW Heritage Cherry


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These are very cool guitars. 10% less size than the regular explorers. Mine is a beauty, I lucked out, one of the last heritage cherry ones as they only made 400. Binding on the neck and front of the body. love the 500T bridge pup and the 496R in the neck is better than I thought. I love ceramic magnets any way so it worked out for me. What I like is the nice sustain of this guitar. Can't say it's my favorite of my collection but it sure plays like a charm. I like the heritage cherry vs. the other sunburst that MF was offering. I got mine out of Texas at Fuller's Guitars, Jeremy is a great guy and they are fair on their prices and will work with you. I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow. Retired pro not touring any more but hiding in my studio and working on a solo project to be released in late 2010. 40 years experience so ask any questions and I'd be glad to help.


1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top

1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Cherry Sunburst

1965 Gibson SG/JR Polaris White

2005 Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Sunburst Singlr Cut

2007 Gibson Les Paul Junior Nashville GOTW # 41

2008 Gibson SG Classic Heritiage Cherry

2009 Gibson Nighthawk Trans Amber (350) made

2007 Gibson Explorer Pro Hertiage Cherry

2007 Gibson Joan Jett Melody Maker (from the first batch with the black hearts cd)

1978 Fender Stratocaster Ywingwe Yellow


1974 Marshall MK II 50 w

1976 Marshall 4x12 Slant Green Backs 25 w 16 ohm

1974 Marshall 4x12 Slant Brown Backs 25 w 16 ohm

ENGL 620 Tube Pre Amp (1985 original)

Crown DA-75 Power Amp

Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 Ported Cabinet

Lexicon MX 200

TC Electronics D-Two

1978 Fender Pro Reverb Silver Face 2x12

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Hi Guys......... as promised here's a few new pictures. One is the explorer pro 2007 GOTW limited run in heritage cherry. The other is the 1965 Junior/SG Polaris White, this guitar has been refinished and there are some paint flaws that can't be seen in the picture. It plays pretty good. The pup is a Dimarzio Super Distortion P-90 style, it rocks........... this guitar weighs almost nothing. Enjoy!!!!!









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Hi doublecutjr,


Nice guitar! I have one of these 2007 Week #13 Explorers too; really nice! It's too bad Gibson isn't doing the GOW anymore. I also scored on a 2007 Week #6 61 RI SG in antique black with gold hardware; another great guitar. I see that you have a Marshall cab; these axes do sound great with Marshall! I have a Marshall Mode 4 full stack; IMO, can't be beat! Have fun!

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Yeah, The jr/sg 65 I got for $300 believe it or not. My luthier who is aloso a pro ghost builder had it in his shop. It had a few flaws when his apprentice mis-drilled the volume and tone control holes during refinishing. The truss rod is maxed out so there's no way to relieve tension. It ha s aslight buzz but other than that, plays rather well and talk about light..... a feather. I don't play it that often but when i do, I keep saying "I should play this more often"


yeah the explorer is a fun guitar. I love those 500T pups....... I am a ceramic freak any way so it works for me. I don't care for alnico magnets...... not enuff balls for my style which is heavy. I lucked out with this explorer, it was the last one I could fine on the internet that was heritage cherry. It came from Fuller's Vintage Guitars in Texas........ they gave me a great deal on it. The only thing I've had done to it was fret grooming and cavity shielding. Most if not all of my guitars are modified. I really don't plan to ever sell them so i set them up the way I want them. I play every day so they all get used. I don't tour anymore so basically they are in the studio for recording. Oh....... that Marshall you see in the background with the jr/sg........ that baby is an all original 1974 bass lead cabinet (slant) she has the 25w Green Back Celestians with the 16ohm rating. Checkerboard mesh. It's a fabulous cabinet that i have owned and toured with locally for years. I have a twin to it from 1976 but that has Brown back Celestians (Ipswitch< England) 25 w, 16 ohm........... both cabs are in real fine shape. I don't use them often because I use my Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 which is my primary cabinet for recording. I also have the original Marshall 1974 MK II 50 watt head that goes with the cabinets, that's all original right down to the original Westinghouse output tubes and the Mullard Pre Amp tubes......... that's a beauty that I have had offers to sell but could never part with it. Thanks for writing back guys................... rock on

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