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Colts vs. Saints


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Great topic. I feel like the Colts will come out victorious with this one. In fact, I just wrote an article to support my belief, with an open invitation for readers to debate their side.


It will be an interesting superbowl this year, to say the least. I've even included a fun superbowl quiz...anyone can participate and answer the questions just by visiting the article. You can also voice your opinion about which team YOU think will win.




If you agree that the Colts will win, cast your vote for support! If not, tell why you think they will lose. I challenge everyone to participate. It will be interesting to see what other fans have to say about their team and who they are rooting for.


Go Colts![biggrin]

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Esteemed Writernewbie, With the utmost respect, it is my most fervent belief that the Colts would win this game in a thrice, were they but the real Colts, rather than the impostors they are. When Mr. Unitas quit throwing for Baltimore's Colts, the World came to an end. It has been nothing but cartoons since then. I laugh up my sleeve at the very notion that the Colts could ever be from anywhere but Baltimore. [biggrin] Pish tosh!


Welcome to the forums! welcome_smilie.gif

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I want the Saint's to win' date=' but there is a catch.


I don't want to hear about Hurricane Katrina, I understand that was a big under taking.


Win your super bowl and go to Disney land.[/quote']


I am with you on that, however, I took my first trip to NO for the last Jazz and Heritage festival (amazing event, btw!), and they are still reeling from Katrina, and some areas are still very depressed. But I found the natives very friendly, and except for the few trying to rip you off, there is an indomitable unity of spirit. Plus, it is a damn fun place to be!

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