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Sonex-180 Customs?


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Hi There,


I have a 1981 Sonex Deluxe in Black finish.


I bought it in Rhodes Music, Denmark Street, London for about £220.00 in Apr 1982.


I still own it and would never dream of selling it.


I have to say that these are far better guitars than they really should be. When it was introduced, it was the cheapest Solid Body Guitar in their range and the body was made from Resonwood, which was a really clever way of making use of factory By-Products. Mixing Sawdust and resin produced a really solid body around an inner Maple Core and produced something that sounded quite good, with substantial sustain.


If only Gibson had managed to make them look a little prettier, they might have had more success with them. However, they would have had to overcome the purists, who felt that the lack of a good piece of timber for the body made them something to frown upon and hence their lack of popularity.


The good point about them against a Les Paul was that they were much more comfortable, with the shaped body.


Anyone who has ever played one of these knows how good they sound, but I doubt they will ever appreciate in value the way an equivalent model made from Solid wood might.


That being said, Much applause for Gibson for taking the sweepings off the floor and turning it into a Guitar that is a real Gem!!!


It's not often that a truly bad idea produces such a fantastic instrument!!!


If you find one at the right price, for god's sake....Buy it!!!

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Back in the very Early 1990's, I was doing some Studio recording and used my Sonex on a few songs.


I used it direct into a Marshall JMP-1 (which had just come out!) and out to a Marshall 9005 Power Amp and a pair of Marshall speakers. On another occasion I used it with a 1967 Marshall Plexi head into some 4x12's.


Although the The Guitar was "Tracked," (Played on two tracks and spread over the mix) it certainly filled the sound.


If you PM me your E-mail address sometime, I'll send you an MP3 of something i did using it and you can decide yourself if it "Cuts the Mustard!"




Here is a Pic of it before it was refinished in Black taken just prior to recording.



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Haven't been online a ton so missed this. I have a '81 Sonex 180 Custom. Only thing not original on it is Rick Nielsen's autograph. It has the factory coil tap, dirty finger's pups, even pickguard which is scratched up from use but still no cracks.. traded a Epi Les Paul Black Beauty for it and think I got the better end of the trade. Tried selling it a few times to fund a Reverend guitar I wanted.. but never had any serious takers and am not sure anymore if I'd sell it.. (of course if your still thinking about getting one make a offer, it never hurts to hear one before saying yes or no).. I am a novice at playing, so cant tell you much about the coil tap other then I like how it sounds in one position very much, just not sure if its the tapped position or not.. StevieB, I'd be interested in hearing that MP3 so am dropping you a PM..





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