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I vote Lost worst TV show in history.


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I have never watched Lost. I only watch South Park, Sons of Anarchy and the Travel Channel. All those other series are not worth my time. They suck you in to these 6 week plots for 1 hour a week (Yes SOA got me and I will not be sucked into another show). I'd rather play guitar or be with my wife doing what happy married couples are supposed to do. :) Or be here....which is hard to stay away from.




Also Full House sucked way more than anything posted on this thread IMO

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If it wasn't for the Professor from Gilligan's Island and Scotty from Star Trek' date=' then I would never have been a rocket scientist. [/quote']


Right on Rocketman, I bet Tv affects us more then we will ever know, I can't

imagine what the INTERNET is doing to this generation, good and bad


As for me I never saw Lost but like most shows I'll catch on when its

no longer current.



Six Feet Under

King of Queens Just to name a few.

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I like the Repo one. Pawn Stars is pretty cool, too. But those "Brett Micheals stable of Ill Repute" , or "VH1's Housefull-o-Dumbasses" just make me wanna disconnect my satellite dish.


Antiques Roadshow is cool, too. Specially when they have an old Double Neck or a $33,000 LP.

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