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Gibson gods please help EB bass pics


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Can someone help me identify this bass? I got it from my dad, he says he got it second hand in the early 60's. I believe its the Gibson EB-0 model but I am curious the year it was made and how many were made. It has had a pickup added which I removed and some of the wiring looks altered, but it appears to have all the original pots and wiring. Some repair was done by the input jack and one of the knobs has been replaced. Thanks! oh the serial number is 55XX8



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it appears to be a circa 1962 EB-0' date=' yes it has been altered some but looks to be in overall decent shape from the pictures.[/quote']


Yep, I'll go allong with that. (and a damn good link as well)

I would also check the pot codes, may give you an idea if it was early or late '62.

Typically, it's xxx yy ww (but not always)

x = Manufacturer

y = year

w= week

so a pot code of 1376241 would be a CTS pot from the 41st week of 1962.

137 = CTS (there are others)

62 = 1962

41 = 41st week

a pot code of 1376133 would be a CTS pot from the 33rd week of 1961.

a pot code of 1375908 would be a CTS pot from the 8th week of 1959.

In some earlier pots, the y is a single digit.....9 = 1959


It would be nice to restore it back to somewhere near it's original condition, judging by the photos it wouldn't be a difficult task, just need to get a few right (or repro) bits for it.


Nice Guitar.



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