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How much is this 33 year old LP worth?


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Hi Guys,


Looking for a general opinion from anyone that knows anything about LP's this old to try and establish what they think it is worth.





I know that’s an open ended question, so let me be clear about what I’m asking.


I can buy a new Standard for around 1700 quid, therefore is this worth the same because of the vintage aspect or is it worth more or less?


I know it is only worth what I am willing to pay, but it must also have a "Real" value and that is what I’m asking for a general consensus to help me decide.



I REALLY need this advice because I have a total lack of restraint and common sense when it comes to LP’s, LOL!!!


Thanks in advance!

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I'd venture a guess at $2500-3000 US Dollars. Appears to be in good shape


okay' date=' well that's about the same as a new standard in Sterling, so it's a case of you pay the money you take your choice I suppose.


Next logical question is what is the more desirable instrument to have, I personally would rather have the old model.

Just need to wait and see how the bidding goes.




Dilemmas, who needs them [biggrin



Ps, still looking for other opinions so keep em coming!

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Well, if you are playing a lot, let's say every day 1-2 hours of practice, and you gig 1-3 times a month, personally I would choose the used one, the value will only go up as long as you don't modify (I'm a mod freak) so 4 what it's worth. The nes LP's are nice, you get to break it in, but there's nothing like a feel of a nice smooth broken in LP. As of late, I have seen a lot of high-end LP's coming out of the factory looking awesome but the fret work is C grade (IMO) lots of rough edges but a good luthier can take care of that. Look............ and Gibson for that matter is a life-time investment provided you don't beat the crap out of it and drop it. You'll never lose value and it's something you can have your whole life and still pass on to your kids to have. I have many Gibsons, too many to list here, but each and every one is different, they all give me tons of satisfaction, and they make your life happier, do what you feel is best. Either way you'll have a Gibson and that in itsself is an accomplishment.

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I'd say with the changes made to it you would be lucky to get 2k.


I agree... to replace the original pickups to somthing of that period would cost about $500... But it is a beautiful guitar in great shape... I have seen customs from this year all original in good shape sell for about $2200... So this one I would say is worth about $1800...

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Ya I guess you guys are right. 2500-3000 is to high. Thats what I get for looking at

the pic's and not reading the info on the guitar. Good save there guys.





Hi all,


Re: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250574999461&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT


This LP ended up selling for £1555+20 postage (2473 USD) which even without the advice from here would have been WAY above what I would have been willing to pay.


Ach well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I suppose.


Cheers to all who replied.

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