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Bought an LG-0--Opinions


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Hello, I recently purchased a used LG-0 off of e-bay and was wondering if I did a "good thing" or a "bad thing". I'm not into collecting so collect-ability is not a priority. I was looking for an older Gibson to play some slide and Blues on. I have a CJ-165, and a Cargo CA that I play now. I payed 406.00 for it and it needs a new bridge but from what I've read about these particular guitars is that they commonly get the bridge replaced. Any ideas as to what this costs? and anyone in Northern Indiana (Fort Wayne / South Bend ) someone can recommend. Here is the link to it on e-bay .




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Hi and welcome to the forum.


From what I can see, you did pretty good. I have a 1964 LG1 that I paid a bunch for and then an additional $500 more for to have the neck reset, bridgeplate repair, new bone saddle made and a K & K mini western pickup installed in. It is now my favorite blues fingerstyle guitar. Yours should be solid Mahogany while mine has mahogany back and sides with a Sitka spruce top.


A couple of things to watch for are the neck angle, the bridge plate condition and the condition of the interior braces. My Luthier in MN said he has seen plenty of these older Gibsons that needed some attention, but once all is said and done, you will have a great little blues picker.


You are correct that many of them have had the bridge replaced due to the cheap plastic bridges they put on originally. Try to get your repair guy to find a "belly up" style bridge and install a nice bone saddle. I have bone in the saddle, nut and pins and this guitar really has "that" blues tone in spades.


You should check out subarudes LG1 for sale in the classified section. A beautiful example of a pretty LG1.

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I think you'll enjoy your new acquisition.


Upside: LGOs are nice little blues guitars that are lots of fun to play and perfect for travel.


Downside: They don't offer much bottom end and can sound a wee-bit shrill up the fretboard.


I owned one for a while and wouldn't mind buying another if the price was right.

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