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The Beast in me from Johnny cash


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Hey guys any one know the chords / Tab, not listed on Chordie.


The middle eights got me a bit, know it's probably sickeningly simple but for some reason (senility) I can't quite work it out!


BTW thanks to all who advised about such sites in a recent thread, I have found it so helpful


But I can't find "The Beast in me" anywhere and for those who know the song


"they see him out there in my clothes, patently unclear if it's New York or New Year"


See why I want to play it?


Thanks all



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Here are several links. This song is not from his last album' date=' though.




I thought I could rely on you to know!


And yes it's definitely not on the last album. I always associate it with "Hurt" and always ensure I am alone when I listen to the Man comes around. Men don't cry ..!


Thanks so much

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It's also here' date=' but you may need to be registered to view it.....



C, F, G, C, F, G, C, Bb, D7, F, G, C


Was it the Bb you were missing?[/quote']


Yes it's always the Bb I am missing. All my life I've tried to avoid the damned thing!


Thanks GG





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