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I don't have a Les Paul, in fact I was going to buy an SG until the seller discovered a crack at the neck/body joint.


I have an opportunity to pickup a like new, supposedly unplayed Les Paul Supreme. The man died and his kids are selling his guitar collection. The Supreme is the only one left. They claim their dad never played it and that it is a couple yrs old.


What would you LP players say this would be worth?


BTW, I did check Guitar Center's site and Sam Ash...They sell them new for $3409.

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We're going to need some more details. What year was it made? What kind of shape is it in? Has it been modified?


I don't yet know much more than I posted..The kids don't seem to know much about it..They claim their dad bought it new about 2 yrs ago and that he never played it....It stayed in the case in his music room. I saw pics of it...They are fairly local. If we can get our schedules together I want to go check it out. About the only thing they seem to know is new they are selling for over $3400. They are asking $2300

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Im not saying that its happening in this instance but remember the Supreme is one of the most commonly faked LP's...


Be careful..


Just saying..


Thanks for the heads up!


I think I'll see if I can contact them and ask for the serial number...I know they can be fake as well, but it might help. In the pics I saw, it does come with a like brand new looking HS case with Gibson USA on it.


Does anyone know if a LP Supreme should have a COA?

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Just for starters;


The Supreme has it's pickups and wiring installed through an enlarged slot for the jack socket.


(The plate on the one in question is much too small, therefore the guitar must have control cavity plates on the back.)




There are lots of other things wrong but that one's proof enough.


The seller should be told and/or reported to the authorities as trying to pass off counterfeit goods.

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Here's what I see:


1)headstock inlay is all wrong. The "world" is supposed to have inlayed gold continents. I see none.

2)body shape is just wrong, especially the area around the pickup selector.

3)the stickers on the pickups. Gibson does NOT put stickers on their pickups like that. You'll see those on epiphone guitars.


That's the one that didn't sell? for good reason. I certainly hope the other guitars this guy owned weren't fakes.

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