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Les Paul with Bigsby or without


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I planning to purchase a standrad '08 or probably a Custom..


Is it worth it to have a bigsby on it?


Considerring after i installed the Bigsby, my LP is not going to seems original.. because of the modifications...


Although i found out that having bigsby could help me play better..


Need some opinions & suggestions..



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You oughta be able to walk out the door of your favorite independent Gibson dealer with

one of these for $2600 - $2700 and the problem is solved.









I LOVE a Bigsby on a Les Paul.




Oh, and if you're thinking of buying a Les Paul Custom, don't even look twice at the new 2008 Standard.

And adding a Bigsby means adding two holes on the top and having two more left open.

It's not a very clean modification on a Les Paul.


Maybe buy an older one cheap, and mod it so you don't kill the resale value on a new one, especially a Custom.

Check Ebay too, Bigsby-equipped Les Pauls are on there all the time - and the price is right sometimes.

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Hm.. I can't rust ebay lately..

Since i found out that some sellers are selling a Gibson guitar that the serial codes starts with LU..

and i email Gibson customer service, and they say its a fake..

Its hard i suppose to have a purchase of this kind of stuffs form eBay or not official dealers of Gibsons.



I have a plan of not mounting a bigsby on it, but to use a Vibramate.. Is it going to be same like just mounting it directly?

Is the feel of using it gonna be the same if i use a Bigsby that already from factory mounted on Gretsch for example..?

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I don't know how well the VibraMate works, never played with one.

You can add it to a new Custom with no permanent mods, that's a good thing.

A Bigsby is a one of a kind thing though.


I dunno, just remember it's permanent if you mod something like a Custom.

Resale value may suffer considerably.


Best fix?

Never sell it.

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Ok.. Scratch the Gibson LP Custom..


Lets say I choose a Traditional or a cheaper LP Standard..


Is it still worth to be mounted?


I mean, its basically depends on me.. but i'm still considering of having Bigsby Plus a Vibramate.. Seems not Permanent and removable of i do want it looks back like original..


But the thing is, is it going to feel the same like no vibramate?



Ow.. on top of that, I have a normal Epiphone Les Paul Case, that looks exactly like:



Will a Les Paul with Bigsby ( + vibramate_ fit in it?

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I thought Its all about a flat top or arc.. Thus Traditional , Standards, Studio.. and some others.. arent they arch top?



HM.. But still back to the question, regarding Bigsby + Vibramate..


Is this going to feel the same like just having a Bigsby?





Does this case fit a Les Paul that has a Bigsby on it?


An Epiphone Les Paul Hard Case

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Thus Traditional ' date=' Standards, Studio.. and some others.. arent they arch top?[/quote']

Yes, but the proper term is carved top.


Arched top refers to the big, expensive hollowbodies and it pisses those guys off to insult their guitars....




A standard LP case should fit with the Bigsby, just swing the arm down by the tailpiece.


Personally, I don't like to compromise.

If you want the Bigsby, maybe screwing around with half-measures will only frustrate you.

Costs more money to try the VM and decide you don't like it, then get the Bigsby you want installed later.


I say buy the LP Florentine in the link I posted, or just bite the bullet and drill some holes in the LP of your choice.

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Unless you'll be using the bigsby quite a lot, I'd say don't do it. It's not worth it for just the looks of the guitar IMO.

If you do go with one I'd choose the B7 just because it's a better one in my experience. There would be no problem adding strap locks to it at the same time either way. I've always associated the bigsby with older country music and rockabilly for the twang effect. I have one one my Gretsch CC and rarely use it in my playing.

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Hm.. How about a bigsby plus vibramate, thus i won't need to mount or drill the guitar?

I'm pretty in a state where i'm goin to use that bigsby a lot in my playing.. Thus i think for me, this device isn't only gets a point for its looks, but also from the additional functions or features that it gives to a les paul guitar..


Back to my question, how about Bigsby + Vibramate?

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