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Which Les Paul?


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Hi all,



I'm planning to purchase a Gibson Les Paul..


But wondering which one to buy..


I notice that STudio is one of the types that is not too expensive.. Is it good enough?


Or should i jump to Standard? Plan is '08 Standard Les Paul..


Can you guys tell me the main differences, ?


I Love the bindings on Les Paul though..




By the way, this is going to be my first Gibson..


FYI, I have EPi Junior And Ibanez RG series..




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nothing wrong with the studio models. they are intended to be les pauls with less BLING. So, no body binding, no fretboard binding, no super flamey top, etc. They also have a 50's rounded neck, which some people don't like.


But, they are top class instruments, and every bit a les paul. They have the same pickups in them that are found in the high end Les Paul Custom and Les Paul Supreme models, as well as the SG Standard.

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From it's looks, i prefer one with bindings, because its an expensive guitar as well , a studio is..


Thus, i think i can add some extra amounts for a nicer looks.. bindings and some extras..


Actually i still prefer a cheaper price, but considering that this will last long.. won't it?



About traditional.. What are the main differences with normal standard..?

i.e. comparison between this:







Price difference is $300 AUD

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I played a new Les Paul Standard today. I have two Les Pauls, but this was the first time I'd played one with an asymmetrical neck. I really liked the neck, and found it very comfortable. I wasn't so sure about the Neutrick Jack . . . I could see potential for that little red tab getting broken off after a while, and wondered if anyone has heard of this happening. I don't know without more experience, but I think I'd rather have the risk of an accidental disconnection (which has never happened to me in many years of playing). I liked the lightweight chambered body, and the finish was beautiful. I didn't really like the see through cover on the back over the pots. As for the locking tuners, well locking tuners seem to have been in and out of vogue for some years. I would have to have one for a while to know if they were any good. Overall I was impressed with the Les Paul though and would like to have one.

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