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1997 SG Limited Edition?


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I'm new here, but came across a guitar today that caught my eye and was hoping someone could help shed some light on it. The dealer has it advertised as a 1997 Limited Edition SG (Ebony). It has a Maestro (Bigsby style) tremolo. I've never seen this type of SG before, so I was trying to figure out how rare or how many of these were made before I handed over the $ they were asking for it.


It has 24 frets, the maestro tremolo, and pearl trapezoid inlays on the neck. On the back there's the "Limited Edition" stamp where the headstock meets the neck. I didn't get a chance to copy down the serial number.


My fear is that the tremolo was an after market mod, but I can't confirm that anywhere. I also cannot seem to find this model in my Blue Book.


I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this guitar and maybe its approximate value?



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