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OT: My old Charvel Strat from 91 needs a little work


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I bought this guitar back in `91 when I was 16, I messed around with it for awhile then bits started dropping off it and the strings broke and I stopped playing. Fast forward to 2010 just bought a lovely Les Paul Studio in Fireburst and have began playing again aged 34.


I dug my old guitar out the wardrobe and was thinking of getting it up and running again as you can see from the pictures its missing a few bits, a volume/tone knob and a tuning thingy.


If I take it to a guitar shop do you think I will be able to get some spares to repair it.





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Things are different this time, last time other things were taking off that distracted me such as the Internet and Internet gaming nowadays its so much easier to find out about things from other people on the Internet, just reading forums like this will keep me interested.


EDIT: Just remembered it used to have a tremolo arm as well and that is missing also.

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