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This is the start of the Gibson Forum for Black Widow Owners,

so we can maintain and track the ownership of these 25 very

special guitars.


Thanks for logging in and letting us know who our fellow

guitarists are who couldn't get this red guitar out of our heads

once we'd seen it, much less played it.


Someone please let me know how to get a picture on my hard drive up

on this forum, by imbedding it in the post. I don't have a photobucket or URL to use.



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It is a Gibson Les Paul Custom Limited R7 Blackwidow, limited edition of 25.

Some people call it Widowburst.

It was made in Nashville Custom Shop over a 2 month period.

The neck has a '57 profile (thicker than any other profile Gibson currently makes), ebony fretboard, mother of pearl inlays on the fretboard (and it is really mother of pearl, not acrylic) and headstock, a chambered mahogany body and flame maple top, and two Burstbucker Pro pickups.

Delivered with a Gibson Custom Case with its certificate of authenticity, a really cool braided gold/blue guitar cable, truss rod tool and a whole pile of papers and little booklets...Like all the Custom Shop Guitars.

I hope that is most of the information all you all want.


I got this information from Gibson forum member raine. He is from France. He was in Memphis at the Gibson retail store and bought his there. I bought mine from Sam Ash. Steve Pisani from Sam Ash said that they had 5 and I bought the last one they had. It would be cool to find some other owners.

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#002 was up on ebay over in Europe. Buy It now for like 3,950 Euros!!!

We'd like to know who has it now?


I have #003.


AND GET THIS: #13 AND #23 are owned by the same guy (that's right, he's got two, I guess "one to play, and one to stay".


There's supposed to be a guy with the handle Stratoburst on the

MY LES PAUL site that has one, too.


Most guys paid $4,165 for theirs and the ones in Europe are going for

3,950 Euros which is about $5,333 !!!


One sold here in the US on Ebay for $4,000 even, I belive...

Who's got that one?


C'mon let's hear from all the (now) TWENTY FOUR owners of the

Gibson R7 Black Widow/WidowBurst guitars,


THERE CAN BE ONLY TWENTY FOUR (unless someone else has two of them)




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THERE CAN BE ONLY TWENTY FOUR !!! One guy has two Black Widows.

"one to play and one to stay", I guess. More pics of my #003 to come when I can get it out in the sunlight.


The Black Widow is loosely based on the 57RI, of course there was never a 57 that looked like this. It has a fully CHAMBERED body, like the Les Paul Supremes and weighs between 7 and 8lbs.


It has a Burstbucker Pro 1 in the neck (8.0k--relatively mild) and a Burstbucker Pro 2 in the bridge position (8.5k--a little hotter). The first mod people are doing is to throw a Burstbucker Pro 3( 8.8k--more output) in the Bridge position, move the #2 to the Neck position, and put the original #1 in the case for those future owners who want all the original parts.


IMHO Under no circumstances put a 498T (@14k) in one of these; save that for your beater, heavily modded LP or LPC hot rod.


IMHO covers should be taken off EVERY pickup ever made, it can only get in the way. Jack that sucker ALL the way up so that your 22nd fret position on the E strings (HI and LO) just clear the screw polepieces tightened all the way down.


Next mod will be to get rid of those POS Gibson poly film Bumble Bee imposter caps. I'm auditioning a bunch of caps in my other LPC with its original stock

1980 7.4k pickups and so far I'm liking PIO Cornell-Dubilier .022uFs that have drifted up to .024uF. A close second are some PIO C-D " Tiny Chief " .018s that are 'way out of spec at .024uF to .025uF. With either of these caps

in the tone quest, full tone pot roll-off give a tone is SO smooth, it's the GREASE.


Of course the Gibson Repro .022uF BBs go in the case, along with the BB #1pickup for the person that buys it from my estate and wants to quibble over whether it's "all original". If he wants it "all original" let him put it back that way.


Roger Ball at Gibson is the guy who gets my info for me on this Limited Edition.



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They've just done a blue one. Again' date=' only 25.[/quote']


Found out more info on the Blue one, it's not a Widow as such. It's an Les Paul Custom in Ebony but with Blue Binding as such done in the same style as the Widow (just no quilt top). EMG Set and No-Inlays in the Ebony 'board.


Looks nice, will post picks if anyone wants.

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Found out more info on the Blue one' date=' it's not a Widow as such. It's an Les Paul Custom in Ebony but with Blue Binding as such done in the same style as the Widow (just no quilt top). EMG Set and No-Inlays in the Ebony 'board.


Looks nice, will post picks if anyone wants.[/quote']

Why ask? go on get pics.

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Hey there,

Very cool guitar! I didn't hear about these Widow Bursts until I found my Cobra Burst!

Now I have a Cobra and wouldn't mind having a Widow too.


I have never owned a weight relieved LP until this one....and I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised by how warm and loud the guitar is live on stage! AND confort.....dang, at a mere 7.1 lbs....I forgot I had it on!


Very nice guitars.....all 50 of them!

Enjoy them


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Hi , New here. I joined this forum because of this thread. I just made the jump and bought a widow. It had been in hiding and thanks to you guys, my wallet is much thinner now !!! I had my eye on her for a while. I tried to trade for one of the ones that the guy that had two had,I think it was #23, but couldnt work it out. He has one of them #13 on eBay now for 4,600. I got a much better deal and cant wait to get her in my hands.Should be here next thursday and I'll post some pix !!

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