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For the record ...


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Y'all are a great batch of fella's to hang out with .

And it's a pleasure to do so ...

Mutual interests and respect are the standard .


Like our guitars . Top of the line ...


Right back atcha' date=' AXE! A fine bunch we have here who I wouldn't hesistate in calling my guitar friends and raising a glass with, so to speak.[/size']

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Aw I'm gonna get choked up again. You guys are all swell. Ppl who feel the way I feel and always willing to lend a hand and give advice from everything from guitars to wives!


Big round of applause to the Gibson Forum Gang :-s


Hey Jessenoah C'mon up to Canada you only need to be 19 here lol.

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i think the internet (for this place and a couple other places anyway) is pretty cool theres nicer folks here in this forum than there are in everyday life, everyone nowadays seems likethey are so shallow and self centered and fake,,that stuff gets old REAL fast, (with me anyway) im pretty much a really down to earth, honest regular guy i guess just my 2 cents tho , he he

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I did my best drinking under age and in the park.

good times-good times!


I think many of use fit in that scenerio.... Though mine was less in a park and more in friends' backyards.... Those were the days...

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the only strait edge non alcholic under 20 in my town


(we have LOTS , LOTS of problems with underage drinking in my town)

as in 14 yearolds asphixiating themselves behind movie theatre kind of problems





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To the few that still come around , (and I don't as often now that the housekeeping went into overdrive)

Ahh nevermind , the place has turned into a morgue , And if prices continue to increase like they have been I'll have to find another brand of guitar ,

What makes the newer ones worth 35% to 50% more than the same models I purchaced over the years .

I guess I'll have to take better care of the Gibsons I already own , because a working class musician can't afford the prices of the new ones .

Like the 50th anneversary model what makes it any better ? the extra pickguard ?

I have been a advocate of the Gibson Brand of Guitars since the early 80's , even when every one was dive bombing and pulling off Van Halen clones , I was holding my trusty Gibson Guitars with P>R>I>D>E... And still do to this day .

Listen up Gibson , there are a lot of disgruntled "working class"musicians that are moving in different directions . (Mostly away from Nashville)


I'll still take that Lightburst Standard if you want to give it to me , At cost ,,,

Peace .

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