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Crafting the perfect SG - pickguard + side trem??


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I own a 62 RI VOS SG, 06 is the year. Im looking to get a correct pickguard for this beast. The one that is on it now is "correct" in the sense of the SG in general, but original early 60's models have a much thicker white layer (4-ply, thick white, black, white, black top -> or is that 3-ply?). I have even seen new SG's with the correct pickguards. Anyone know where I can pick up one of these?


Second - I know you really can't get a maestro with the engraved Gibson, I assume due to all those knockoffs now and such, but I would really love one. What I truely would die for would be a side trem tailpiece. These as far as I know are not in production. Can anyone offer insight into getting a tailpiece?



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