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Dear Customer Service...

Tim Plains

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...I understand that your job is to monitor these forums and remove irrelevant threads...but if you're going to do that, then be consistent and remove EVERY thread that is not Gibson Les Paul specific and do not pick on certain people.


There's a bunch of on-going threads that have absolutely nothing to do with Gibson Les Pauls and yet they somehow remain while you delete everything unrelated that deepblue1963 posts.


When you delete peoples writings, you offend them. You're also damaging Gibson's name by doing so because 'Gibson' is deleting them, not some guy named Tom or Dave or whatever. The polite thing to do would be to post some generic message saying that Gibson Customer Service has deemed this thread to be unsuitable and then suspend/lock the thread for a while before you delete it..


A lot of us are regulars here. We're the ones that answer all the stupid questions that newbies have regarding your products. If we didn't, all of them would be contacting Gibson USA directly.


So, either be consistent, cut us some slack, or give us a damn lounge, please!


By deleting peoples threads, it show that you don't want regulars here in this forum. If all you want is a bunch of newbies asking questions on how to read their serial number or why their G-string doesn't stay in tune and then never start another topic, then just say the word and I will leave as well. I'm also registered at mylespaul and Les Paul Forum. Up until now, this has been my preferred place to talk about guitars.


By say the word, I mean delete this thread...


Thanks, Tim

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No one's being singled out, but we are indeed trying to keep the forums on topic. Many times we do remove a thread that we determine doesn't belong, but more than often, we remove or lock a thread after receiving a complaint via PM or email from a forum user. Thanks for the comments, we do appreciate the suggestions.

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