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big question need help


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o.k i want a new guitar i got a job at publix. a epi is in my price range i have a lp and a epi sg "which sucks". i looked at a g-400 "sg" a 56 gold top lp and a firebird. i have to get rid of one of my electrics before i can get another. the question is keep the lp and get a firebird, or g-400. or get rid of the lp and get a firebird or 56 goldtop. what do ya'll reckomend me doin. i like Skynyrd and classic/sothern rock.:-k=D>

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A friend of mine (who makes $100k a year) just bought the same PRS and loves it.

He could afford any guitar he wanted, but he's a real tight ***.

The PRS is everything he wanted and more.


I've worked on too many Epiphones, I wouldn't own one.

Junk pots and switches, lame self-destructing pickups, and some Gibson stuff WILL NOT fit without modification.

About the only thing they have in common with Gibson is looks.

They might as well be made on Mars.


If you can't afford the Gibson, I don't recommend the Epi.

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I say save up some more for a gibson' date=' if you have a job it's just a matter of patience. Plus it will make your (future) gibson that you waited forever to save up all that much sweeter when you do get it.[/quote']


+1. Brand does mean something. I'd save your dollars up for a Gibson. Not only will it be the better guitar, it will hold it's value better which is important if you had worked hard to save for it in the first place.

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He could afford any guitar he wanted' date=' but he's a real tight ***.



Do I know you? J/K


Everyone is giving you the right advice. Start saving and keep playing yours. One day when you got some money in your pocket you may run into the right deal. Maybe a Studio that's been sitting in a store for a while and they are tired of looking at it. The point is, you'll be ready at that time. I sit on "money Momma don't know about" for EVER sometimes waiting on the next guitar that gives me a chub. ^_^





Good luck and remember Patience

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If it helps at all, my first electric guitar was an "Audition", which I believe to have been a Woolworth's store brand. It was junk... but I learned to play it well. Folks hearing tapes would compliment the tone I could get. Ya know what? It was ALL technique. Now that I have a GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD, it makes it very difficult to sound bad ^_^. REALLY difficult... even when I am trying.


My advice... you are still young enough to have no financial burdens. Use the time while you are saving up to shop. Play SGs, Customs, Standards... heck, I'll bet Skynyrd sounds GREAT through a big ole Hollowbody.... try out different pick ups.... look at all the various finishes... and practice practice practice your technique. The $$$$ for a nice GIBSON LES PAUL will come before you know it.... and you will suffer NO buyer's remorse for having spent the time on the front end making sure you got what you wanted.

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Saving some money up front and buying the first cheapo guitar you can afford may give you a little something for now, but it will have ZERO resale value even if it never breaks or needs rewiring.


Buy the Gibson Les Paul Standard at the minimum.

You will NEVER regret it, and it will depreciate very little - if any.


The first two Les Pauls I bought were used, saved me alot of cash.

As long as there's no damage anywhere, they are pretty durable.


Check Ebay, hit all the guitar shops you can find.


Good luck!

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Great advice from everybody, and I agree: save for your Gibson.


Think of it like this, in a couple years (or whenever you're ready to make your next big guitar purchase), you're gonna be in exactly the same situation with not much to show for it. Then you'll wonder why you didn't just sacrifice and save instead of buy a guitar that doesn't hold it's value. Would you rather have many medium to low grade guitars, or a few killer ones?

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