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Les Pau Junior help please

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Ok here goes... im planning on pulling the trigger on a les Paul junior and im really stuck


Do I go for the VOS or the Billie Joe , or the satin



Few Questions I have found a VOS 2007 model for quite cheap like £500 off the normal price

however it does not seem to have the aged finish like the latest models is this something Gibson have only done recent ?



Also the Billie Joe looks similar but one i dont like Green Day and the HP90 pickup im a little sceptical about


Has anyone got any advice of what guitar to go for

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I'm guessing it's a 57' Custom Shop Junior Singlecut you're on about if you're comparing it to a Billy Joe or a Satin. In which case it'll be a VOS model so yeah, the finish will be a little duller than a Gloss finish.


The 'Aged' finishes you see advertised on some Artist Limited Run models are completely different to the VOS finishes, the VOS finishes are designed to be as though the guitar has been very, very well looked after with do dents or dings. Where as the 'Aged' finishes are Gloss Models that have been given the full ding & dent plus lacquer checking/cracking treatment. The Aged finish is never usually offered on models unless as I said it's an Artist Limited Run or some sort of Tom Murphy Aged Run.


Also Aged Finish models usually run at least £1000 more than a VOS, minimum.


In terms of which model I'd go for, how much is the Jnr plumping for? With the MAP pricing I'm guessing (looking at GoogleShopping) the going rate is looking around £1699. And low and behold, 5 entry down is a Jnr @ £1299 from Dawsons.


Looks very nice. If I had the cash to burn I'd probably go for the '57 over the Billy Joe. The Satin doesn't really come into it as it's a bit cheap looking and feeling guitar, but it is just that... cheap. How much are the Billy Joe's these days??? £900/950? I'd spend the extra £300 and plump for the '57. Plus you get bragging rights that it's Custom Shop :P

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i have not played any Jrs. except the one shown so take my comment for what it's worth.


my satin jr. does all i want it to.


i can't see spending big bucks and "all" you've got is a Jr.


this guy was about $825 US last summer. left some $$ for another axe! :-k




of course, the best advice, as always, is to play several and let one pick you.


good luck, eljay

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