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pedal storage ideas


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I see them mentioned in lots of posts so and a post over on the acoustic showed a impressive list so what are your favorite pedals and what's in your rig right now?


I have a real weakness for pedals, plus I think the little suckers breed when the lights go out in the studio


My wife thinks the buying is the problem I think storing them so I can find them when I want them is the issue

I usually have them all over the place, I was watching a do-it yourself show on the tube this weekend and saw a great idea that though is not new sure seems to work.


The shoe storage organizer they make for closets bought a clear plastic one hung it on the inside of the studio door and now just have to fill the slots there neat and strong and easy to find.


DARN got this all posted and Photobucket is down oh well I'll post a pic in later if anyone cares to see it and can't picture it in their mind!

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I had acquired so many pedals over the years, I was lost in a sea of sound. A few years back I lined them all up and put them on ebay. 32 pedals in all were moved out. I now have just 6. But even that has had me looking at some of the all-in-ones lately. The idea is I have Gibsons with P-90's, BB1 & 2's, and '57's. Where do I want to take my sound. My amps are generally tube combos from 6 to 30+/- watts that I use most often.


As I have gotten older, I have increased the desire for more of a simple less cluttered approach.


So while a bit of a hi-jack of the thread, let me ask, which all-in one pedals have you considered and hich Gibson model, and what amp would you plan to use with it most often?


The Line 6 POD X3 Live is the one I have been trying out with they Gibson R8 the most, but the new Boss GT-10 is suppose to be awesome and I have been waiting for it to show up at the Gibson dealer I go to to try it out with a few different models and amps:





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I like Boss. They are digital, and I have had issues with them "playing nice" with my analogue stuff, but on the whole they put out a great tone.



I'm down to about 9 pedals myself... so I keep most of them in my Boss pedalboard. The others (Chandler Tube Driver and a Danelectro Pepperoni) are stored on a bookshelf. For now... until I can get my hands on that door-shoe organizer ^_^




Funny... I have found that since I got my GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD... About all I use anymore is the MT-2 and the DD-6 (a little CE-5 when required)

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