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the gibson goldtop

Gibson CS

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we all love the color of a gibson goldtop, and i always wanted one , but nstead i opted for a DANELECTRO goldtop, its an awesome guitar, with the vintage style rosewood bridge, 2 volume and tone controls, and an aluminum(?) nut.


but it dosent look quite like a GIBSON gold top, it almost looks, say like a copper top.

anyway it an awesome guitar and instead of being a complete jimmy page wanna-be, im only half because its not the BLACK version its the gold top version


i will post picks when i get back from hollywood, i got an audition to go to

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Never liked Goldtops.

I dunno, I just never thought they were anything special. Kinda ugly actually. (Sorry!)


Then several years ago at a live show, one of the guitar players had a Les Paul and I couldn't figure out what the hell the color on it was.

Under all the different lights, it kept changing and morphing.


Finally, at the end of the show, the house lights came on and it was a...... Goldtop.

Pretty cool, eh?


I started looking more at the reissues, and I LOVE the natural back finish letting the mahogany beauty shine thru.

Then the GOTW came out, number 8 was the Deluxe Goldtop with mini humbuckers.

I fell in love.....


Brought it home and I'm a Goldtop believer now!

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