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SG with some serious BLING


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No, actually he got a '57 reissue LP Custom. Best guitar I've ever played. I thought he might like the SG because of obvious reasons but he impressed me bigtime by going with a classic. The SG's great but the kid's got an ear. First guitar, too. Lucky little bas... eusa_silenced.gif

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Sweet guitar' date=' Laura.....I'm really, really, GASing for a Les Paul or an SG....



oh,...and I miss you , btw O:)




Eddie! I miss you too! The stalking business has been slow lately!!

When Anthony took that guitar home, I almost cried. Playing that thing was a spiritual experience. The clouds parted, the sun shone down and I saw the light!! I hate to say I'd sell my 165 if I thought I'd get a good enough price for it. I HAVE to have a Les Paul! Won't be til next year though. I'm gonna do it right and get just what I want and a kickass amp to go with it. My poor lil Line 6 just can't do it justice. Email me when you get time!

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I don't know. It seems a little "over the top" what with the gold hardware and fancy inlays. Maybe something a little more understated' date=' like with P90s and a wraparound tailpiece.


Hey, maybe like this one...








That's like my *dream* finish for an SG...I had no idea it was ever produced...


My old naturalburst SG is looking a bit plain now!

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