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4/29/08: A Killer 16-Note Pentatonic Scale Exercise!

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Lesson of the Day: A Killer 16-Note Pentatonic Scale Exercise!






Practicing scales on a guitar can be boring stuff. But the reality is that you'll never get any better unless you put in the practice time to make yourself a better guitar player. Do you really think today's guitar legends reached their lofty status without putting forth the effort to learn their craft completely and efficiently? Not a chance. In fact, many of them have spent—and still spend—countless hours practicing and honing their skills. It's the only way to reach the top of the mountain, and the folks at the Berklee College of Music have plenty of fantastic lessons and teachers to help you achieve your guitar-playing goals.


Today's short lesson from instructor Joe Musella—a Berklee alumnus—is simple: a killer 16-note pentatonic scale exercise in A minor that's guaranteed to make your fingers go faster. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate player, or full-blown rock star, today's lesson will make you a better guitar player.


Click here to enjoy today's lesson >>


And please don't forget to check back tomorrow for another great lesson from Gibson Lifestyle!

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