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Amplification>>>>>thats the name of the game!


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Dog got me up early this morning so after I did the ironing and decoked the lawn mower I was wading through old posts in this forum.


Amps seem to raise their heads (pun intended) time after time, I myself started a thread (which I now can't find)


Just wanted to tell you all how happy I am with the Headway Shire King SK120 I purchased. So clean and with built in


Alesis Digital Multi FX effects and notch filter to hide all those little inaccuracies!


Take a look at





120W and so light I can carry it!


Don't know if they're in the US but if they are check it out!

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I've always been afraid of relying too heavily on amps. I guess it's because I know little about them. If a guitar breaks or doesn't work right I can fix it, but with an amp... if it's anything more than replacing tubes, I'm screwed. Having said that, I must say I have never had to trash an amp, so it's mostly unfounded. I used a severely beat-to-crap 1974 Fender Twin from 1986 to 1997 with no issues, in fact it suffered more from me modding it into a head/15" bottom half stack configuration. It started getting noisy, weak old caps likely, so I swapped it even for a mint 1988 Peavey Classic 50 with 2-12's and I've had that ever since. I'm not a big Peavey fan, as most of my experiences have been with those little squawk box Bandits, but this Classic does everything the Twin did except louder. And there's only two 6L6 tubes vs the Fender's six preamp tubes and four power tubes (plus a rectifier tube if you go back in time far enough!)


But if that exploded today I doubt I'd spend the money for a whiz-bang modern amp or $2000 for a '64 Deluxe Reverb. If I can pick it up with one hand, it has reverb, and I can pay for it without wincing, then it's good.

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Hi - chickens gone to roost now, waiting for the joint to roast and I was looking through old posts too, like Johnt all those months ago..... and I thought:


Johnt ironing, maybe, de-coking the lawn-mower - WHAT !!!!!


And so I figured a bump was in order for an old post yet again - don't know why.


And then, while Johnt is looking at this and scratching his [fill in as appropriate] I could sneak upstairs and have it away with his 335. The alternative is parting with real dosh for an Epi Sheraton ( the pre MkII).....


sob, sob, sob :P

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Ditto on the Peaveys, I've used a Classic 200-watt forever and love it, with nothing other than an Alesis microverb and a touch of EQ thru the board. On the road I used the XXX series stack when playing big. I have the Peavey Delta Blues amp, but it's not all that when it comes to clean acoustic amplification. It's good for National Steel, etc, but my Gibson J200 just sounds different thru it. I recently went thru a couple of amps and ended up going back with what I've always used for acoustic - the Fender Acoustasonic. I don't need anything on it when I play acoustic in a solo set other than a tad bit of chorus to thicken the song here and there, so I like an acoustic amp to simply amplify how the guitar actually sounds in your lap. Simple, clean and natural. I like to call it the art of complex simplicity.

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