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Lets See your Man caves!


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Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.

i didn't see it in any recent posts.


So Lets see pictures of your man cave/practice room.



I know this isn't much, but all i can make in a 12x10 room, haha.


I have more guitars, but they are in cases in my closet.


I use my Macbook Pro in conjunction with Logic Pro to record all music. I have my 32" LCD hooked up as my external monitor.


Guitars pictured are from left to right: Fender A/E Sonoran, Fender Mark Hoppus Jazz bass(trying to sell), Squier Limited Edition Mirror pickguard Strat(trying to sell) and my Gibson Studio.


Amps: Fender Rumble 100 watt bass amp.

Crate GX-60C 60 Watt.



And yes, that is a super nintendo ;]




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My entire house is my man cave/practice room.

Well, almost.


Mrs. Neo and I have an understanding.

As long as the house looks good in the front, she's cool with letting me have my space.

Bedrooms are hers, as are the front of the house, the kitchen and the dining room.


Then there's the my garage, my office, my allotted space in the kitchen cabinets, and my music room.

Supposed to be a living room, but it's sort of a multi purpose room at the back of the house, off the kitchen.

I can scoot the minimal furniture around, or out of the way as needed.


Some guitars and amps are not in the pics.













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Small spaces SUCK!

That's the biggest reason I bought my house.


It's not a big house' date=' but it has room where I need it - especially in the garage - for my side business.[/quote']


Tell me about it. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my girlfriend so no man cave for me. On the bright side, the rent is only $830/mo and we live just a half a block from the ocean in Belmar, NJ, so summer time is really nice. For that matter, it's pretty darned nice living there all year around. Still, one of these days, I'd like to have a little more space even though we're not cramped living where we do.

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Aw, man...

An unfinished basement would be PERFECT!

Well, as long as it drains - don't need no flooding from sumps or pipe leaks....


Mrs. Neo and I talked about that at length.

If we ever get to build another house, it will be from scratch with our plans.

A BIG basement will figure heavily into the equation.

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Are Nine that's beautiful!


I don't have a man cave but my band has a studio with all of our gear and recording equipment set up. It's in a warehouse where you rent out a studio room. The cool thing about it is that it's in an industrial area in a warehouse so we can play as loud as we want at any time. The disadvantage is that there are times when our neighboring bands will be practicing and the noice is annoying and interferes with our practice. We have to record early in the day or really late at night.


This place is really cool though. There are some good bands that practice in there.

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Wow, this thread turned out pretty good.

Didn't think it would get nice results, but this helping my with ideas.


Once i move out soon, i'll show you a new man cave ;]


Btw = Man cave is a place to get away from the wives, kids, girlfriend, ________, ect.



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Btw = Man cave is a place to get away from the wives' date=' kids, girlfriend, ________, ect.




One of my dogs has made her cave in my cave, under the bed....she crawls in there carrying a chew toy or the other plays a bit and goes to sleep...lol

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