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Need help identifying an old SG


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hello everyone


looking for some help in identifying an older SG. i recently acquired it and other then some basic info of the web i have not been able to get too much info on it. i am now in the process fo cleaning it up and getting the dust off and adding a little polish to make this girl gleam again. It has been modified over the years as you will see from the pics. other then that i dont know what i have here. any help would be appreciated. Thanks














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According to www.guitardaterproject.org and the serial number it was build approximately in 1965 or 1968 in Kalamazoo Plant, USA.

I found guitardaterproject.org is quite trustworthy.


I know somewhere at www.gibson.com the dating via the serial number is documentated.

But I can't find it yet.

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yes i saw that as well. i am hoping that is correct. while it needs some TLC n the shape of cleaning and some replacement parts like pickup ring and some pots cleaning etc etc i think so far i got one hell of a deal.


i did see it is a SG Standard in some old ads


i am taking it apart later today to start the elbow grease.



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all i can see is 13745 there is solder over the rest of the numbers. this is on 2 of them. the other 2 have some generic numbers and not like the others.


as you can tell there has been some work added like the mini switches which i just plugged in and while it gives a bottom / treble boost via tone i cant really see what the deal is with them (still old strings pre cleaning etc etc) also dont know why the input jack was also added to bottom side of guitar like a les paul. (empty cavity now)

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