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original jumbos


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i wonder why they discontinued them' date=' they seemed pretty sweet[/quote']


They were never a regular production model; each year in the recent past they've done a limited run of about a dozen. AFAIK, they'll do the same this year. Have you heard something different?


-- Bob R

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Here's a discussion thread from the Unofficial Martin guitar Forum. Here's a recap of the main points. Crisp dry vintage Gibson tone. Quick attack and decay. Light in weight. Comfy V-neck Those who has em tends to like em. Can I have one?




Jon, if you aren't already, you could write about guitars for a living! TTID-what Jon said. They pop up on ebay from time to time. One at g-base recently, too. Might still be there. I traded off my AJ because I had the OJ. No regrets.



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quote:anyone have any first hand experience?


I've had a bunch of Gibson acoustics (WM45 #1, SWD, J45, J45RW, AJ, WM45#2, J185, OJ, J185TV, CJ165RW) in the last 4 years and my all time favorite is still the "base model" WM45


a few months ago I had an OJ, and the WM at the same time, both being hog slope shouldered guitars , so the comparison was pretty close to being apples to apples ](*,)


I ended up keeping the WM, and selling the OJ , and I really was thinking the OJ would replace the WM, go figure.......




the OJ was very tight , and pretty unresponsive to a light touch, and too smooth and mellow for my taste


for my type of playing ( fingerstyle blues, light cross picking, strumming, etc.) the WM seemed to be a better choice!


YMMV........."your mileage may definitely vary" !

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I had an OJ' date=' and ended up keeping the WM the OJ was very tight![/quote']


Adi has a longer break-in time and responds to a strong attack (its stiffer than other spruces), so it may not have been all it could have been. At the end of the day, though, it's a matter of taste. Like my amp analogy on the adi thread: some guys like a dry bassman. others need reverb. in acoustic guitardom, that means sitka. or, engleman.

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