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Hi guys new to the forum but long time Les Paul user..


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I've been playing a 1993 LP Std for many years now and its about time I bought another one for stage use as my current one is absolutely priceless to me and irreplaceable.


I'm interested in buying this guitar but before I drive half way across the country I thought I'd ask your opinions.


Did the 2004 year feature chambered bodies? Are they lighter in weight? What impact does that have on the tone?


He wants £850 quid for it. It'll cost me about 20 quid in petrol to get there and back.









2004 model in excellent condition.


The pickups have been replaced professionally with "Cold Sweat, Bare Knuckle Pickups" (see www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk) or http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Electric+Guitar+Pickup/product/Bare+Knuckle+Pickups/Cold+Sweat/10/1 These are high quality pickups and a marked improvement on the original Gibson humbuckers. The guitar sounds fantastic with a lovely low action.


The guitar comes with a plush fitted Gibson hard case and the scratchplate, i don't have the original Gibson pickups.


Email me for more detailed photos and with any questions.


I've had lots of questions about the neck profile.. as far as i can work out it's the 60's shape.


Thanks for your input.

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Anything from £1499 to £1799 depending on the features.


It seems like a good deal hey? Unless there was something wrong with the manufacture of the Std's in 2004 that I'm not aware of?


What do you think about the flame on the one in question?

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Welcome to the forum man! Nice guitar... im not aware of used prices in the uk but i think thats a beautiful guitar, and would be a very good choice provided you play her first and feel good with her... ive tried lots of guitars and as much as they looked good some didnt fell right when playing them.


i settled for a standard faded in honey burst cause she felt so good to play... (dont like sticky necks), looked good, and sounded wonderfully (bb pros rule!). I think if i buy another guitar a faded neck is a must.

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It's very likely that the '04 standards got the swiss cheese treatment to lighten the bodies. Chambering didn't really come into play until later. From all that I have seen and read about either treatment, makes absolutley no difference to the sound of the guitar. Looks like a nice guitar too, I'd say go for it.

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I thought it looked like a faded LP too until I read the post. The honeyburst finish, zebra pick-ups and matte black headstock all look like a fade to me. The photos (especially the back) clearly show gloss, plus all the faded LPs I've seen so far have had brown backs. That one is red.

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Thanks for the replies guys..


I've had a few more pictures sent over of the neck joint and closer more detailed pictures of the guitar in general.


Its a beauty. I'm going to have to have her!


You Cad!


Be gentle ...

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