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i've been watching Palladia a lot lately on cable. I've been really paying attention to some of the studio musicians that support large shows, like backing up certain choral events, or wherever an artist needs more guitarrists on stage. More often than not, these studio musicians are using Les Paul Studios when they need a Les Paul. Moreover, I typically notice more "bands" playing the Standards and Customs when they need to be flashy.

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Ive started playing several months ago...practiced my *** off with a sh*t acoustic and decided to get an electric...I probably looked at over 100 guitars. I originally got an alpine white studio, but i didn't dig the sound as i kept playing, and they did a sh*t paint job (mail ordered from GC =P~ ) and tuners were outta whack, i returned it and went with my gut with the 60's studio deluxe. I was deciding between that and the LP traditional and the traditional did not justify its extra price for me when my deluxe looks and sounds just as good if not better then the traditional i was playing. I hope this helps somewhat the deluxe is limited production with 400-600 models produced so idk if its still available but I'd highly consider it...( BB pro and 490r is an amazing pickup combo...)

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