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My main man Robin Trower


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Love Robin Trower. Got lots of his stuff on Vinyl.


"Bridge of Sighs" was always a favourite to play live.


I happen to have a copy of the DVD the clip has been lifted from. It's a BBC (Television) DVD called "The Old Grey Whistle Test Vol 3". Over 30 tracks by the likes of Freddy King, Johnny Winter, BB King, King Crimson, Jesus and Mary Chain, David Bowie etc...etc...Great stuff.


I also have Vol 2 but not Vol 1. Yet!


The disc features interviews, usually recent - as in RT's case - but sometimes contemporary, with most of the acts before the performance comes on.


Check the DVD's out if you get the chance. The two I have are both about 2 1/2 hours long so they're well worth the money.

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