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Well I got my new SG faded brown 4 days ago[biggrin]


Bought blind online. I had not even picked up,let alone played, an SG in over 20 years,

and that was only a freinds.

But as someone whose played for 25 years, my dream has always been to own a True Gibson,

brand new. And I can not beleive how cheap these are going for right now.

So after telling my wife how it will be worth so much in 40 years time,

its an investment Darling, honest, she handed over her credit card and I just clicked a few buttons,

few days later big box, Lovely.


Now my only 'real' guitar is a 1982 JV Squire, a true workmans

guitar nothing fancy but made well with good timber sounds great

and if it was good enough for Jeff Healy, then its far too good for me.


So I opened the box,took out the gig bag, unzipped and pulled it out, as you do.


Oh! My god! is that it? Is this right? I can't believe how small it is. Oh!


Well the necks not snapped. Ok.Hmmmm!


Is this a newer model? The body is so thin and the pickups stick


out so far, Is this really right?


Looks alright though, nice hardware, 3 piece body, finish feels better than I expected,

not too impressed by the look of the grain but hey, not dissapointed either.


So I pick it up and strum, Where did that come from? How can

somthing so tiny be making that much noise?


So I start smiling a bit and strum a few chords, this is never gonna work,

this can't be right. I'm not blown away, it all just feels like alien territory.


Well then I open up the new SG Hard case, generic brand but more

expensive than the epiphone SG case and put it in.

Seems a little small in there, not bad but i can get a finger round the sides.

Is the case a little big? Or did I get a small SG?

I did, I must of got a small one. Hmmmm!


Now I knew this was all nonsense but having lied to the misses, and used up all favours for several years,

I was wondering if I had done the right thing. Right lets get it upstairs and give it a little tweak.

Lowered the action and pick ups and checked the intonation, which was more than good enough for me.

I start to play a bit more, and its nice, really resonant, really crisp and bright, still feels odd though,

and the frets grind a little, could of done with a little more polishing, but no sharp frets, well levelled


Plug it into my little Laney cub ten, but its late so the levels are down but it very clean, too clean,

I was expecting more cut or somthing. Anyway its late so I turn off the amp and just play and hold it

and try and feel a rapour, and this goes on for a couple of days.


Well friday evening and I need to make this work, I plug the Laney into a 12 inch Celestion 75

and crank it up to 2


Get a little drum loop going, strap her on, assume the position,


slightly wider stance, hips thrust forward


and start cranking out ZZ tops Waiting for the Bus. Yeah this is nice this is very nice


the pickups are good, the neck is really fast and the bends come so much quicker

just sqeezing the thing makes it howl. I'm having a great little one man jam here,

my playing feels more precice not my usual sloppy self, I'm loving this thing,

the open grain on the neck still feels a little odd but its gonna smooth out in no time


I get it now,I get what all the fuss is about, this IS a Gibson,


a real instrument Im so pleased, this is everything and more than I was expecting,

This thing loves to be grabbed by the scruff and played.

Does all the nice clean stuff but roars like a dragon, and its so easy to do


I can see me and my new wife having a vey long and satisfying relationship together,

hope she doesn't catch me cheating,

Ill keep them in seperate rooms, might be best for now.


Right, what will I call her?......... Noooo stop it you've never


named a guitar before, and how do you know its even female?


But just look at that figure...............Rrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

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ahh,, the anticipation,, overwhelming joys of a new guitar !! NOTHING like it !! ENJOY THAT NEW GUITAR AND much DESERVED guitar, you went alot of years depriving yourself, so now its your time to enjoy the Gibby !! congrats, welcome to the forum and come back now and then , keep us up to date and post some pics

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