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Well this afternoon my youngest son is getting married.


After much discussion they decided they didn't want a large wedding just something small and simple.

It's days like this that cause us to reflect on the past and embrace the future and what lies ahead.

My sons a great kid. Loyal to a fault, very trusting and a personality that has always opened doors for him.


He also had no fear while growing up.


This along with ADD led to many troubling situations that often ended in school suspensions or fines or near death experiences. (truth)


He would pay the price for his screw ups pick himself up and move on. Making many mistakes more than once.


It was frustrating for us as parents but he always let things just roll off his back and never carried it with him.


Now at 24 he's finally starting to show a maturity and responsibility that was lacking in much of his youthful decision making.


At 3:00 this afternoon he will marry a girl he really loves and starts a new phase of his life.


His mother and I love him and pray their lives together will be blessed.


PS He also plays guitar.

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Quite a story cookieman and by the way you tell your story I can hear (I'm in Belgium, Europe)you must be a very proud dad!

Wish your son and his lady all the best, lots of prosperity in the new chapter of their lives! Congratulations to you and your wife!



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Your son sounds like a very mature man. Not trying to seem like a jerk, but my parents say the same about it. I have always tried to be sensible about a lot of stuff. I would much rather have 20 close family and friends than a 400 person wedding.


Wish your son the best, and he will turn out great. You have done a great job [biggrin]

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In todays World, just bucking the common opinion can get you school suspensions, fines, ect. Who cares?


What's important is he seems to have been raised well, and has found love. Those two alone give him one helluva leg up on a lot of other people.


Good job Dad.



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Given a comment you made elsewhere about being courteous and a good neighbor, I'm sure he's learned those things from the time he was very little. None of us are perfect, but I'll wager he'll be a good neighbor as he grows...


Sounds as if you've done well, and so has he thanks to his parents.



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Hey guys thanks for all the kind comments and conrats. The wedding went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all.

In the next couple of years my daughter will be getting married and that one will have Daddy a little misty eyed.

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