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Here you go PiPPy... [biggrin]


Thanks for the update' date=' Flight; Much Better!


Tick and a gold star, in fact.




The one I mentioned earlier in this post is black.


Thanks to you, also, dleth.


I must admit I didn't click on your link first time 'round (my mistake) as I'm not really in the market for another LP and, as I live in the UK, the hassles involved in shipping and import duty would probably make a nonsense of buying one from Canada.


I do love the black one, though!

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when i brought my SG i spent alot of time calling different guitar shops around Florida asking for a Goddess but couldent find one..... I then ordered one from musciansfriend i believe but got a reply saying that they had been discountinued, that was last summer though and i ended up buying an SG Standard instead.

But those guitars do look damn good ;)

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believe it or not' date=' this image was one of the main reasons i wanted one of these guitars. always wanted a blue les paul, and when i saw yours on another thread i was amazed. called my local guitar stores though, only one they have is the purple one =.




Hey everyone..

I only registered to send this message! When i saw that the posts were from may, i guessed i should try.

Vette, do you know if there is still this purple one in this store? would you mind giving me the telephone or site or e-mail from the store?

It's so hard to find the goddess this days.


Sorry if the post is a bit old!


If someone else also knows where to find one, please, say!


Thanks a lot!


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If you find a goddess for sale, I would suggest picking it up, they are hard to find now.


I just bought a roseburst goddess from the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY for my wife about 2 weeks ago. They had a new old stock from '07 still in the store. It was in pretty good condition, the binding on the neck had cracked a little bit from being in the HOG for 3 years (its not temp. controlled at all in there). This was the only goddess I've seen for sale in the past 3 weeks besides an all black one in Toronto Canada last week on craigslist, and another all black one last week on ebay.

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