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ok, i'm not asking if he's the best...

S t e v e

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Better than Eddie Van Halen?


(Things go "flat" at 00:54' date=' and proceed rapidly downhill from there...)[/b']










Sorry Neo, that's the day I filled in for Eddie after he fell and broke his hip. Thank you for comparing me to the Vaiman.

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i'm telling you!!!!!


Vai is an awesome guitar player but' date=' ultimately, I find most of his music to be totally boring - like the video you posted.


This is the Vai I like:



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The keyboard is pre-recorded.

And people pay money to see this?




He was just stupid

Which is why I decided to never pay money to see another Van Halen show.

First time was so loaded with synth it was almost pathetic.

Second time was no different' date=' and they played barely 90 minutes - including a "medley" of 4 combined songs.

Seemed like they had just got started and it was [i']"Thank you - Goodnite!!!"[/i]


Are you kidding me?


Saw Sammy Hagar just after he left the band, said it wasn't gonna be a "VH" style show.

Told the crowd the songs would be done right, full-length, and we were gonna rock for 3 fxcking hours.

He was right.


Shame of it is, Sammy's shows have turned into an almost Jimmy Buffett/Margaritaville drink-fest.

About four really kick-*** rockers, and the rest is designed to make the crowd clap, dance and drink....



Legendary Rock and fxcking Rollers who still talk a good game but rarely deliver the goods anymore.

Hagar especially, I've been a huge fan of his for more than 30 years through good albums and bad.

His live shows were always a treat.

Still are if you're a drunk-*** 50 year old woman spilling drinks on yourself....

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