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Bought My First Gibson This Past Weekend

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Hey all. My name is Theo and I just made my first Gibson purchase. I picked up this SG this past weekend at Guitar Center. It must have just been put out on the floor because it doesn't have that Guitar Center finish (scratches) anywhere on it. It's a white standard with the coil taps. It's my first Gibson and definitely won't be my last. It plays great right now but can't wait to play it with a proper setup. Here's a pic of it along with my other guitars.




Here's the others in the collection, my Martin HD28 and American standards.



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I've played around with the coil taps a bit and its a nice feature but don't think I'll be using it much. I may find a good sound I like with the coil taps but for the single coil sound I'll stick with the Fenders. In picking this SG I was going for the finish more than the coil tap feature.

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Very nice Theomont. Just got an SG Special at GC myself last week. I went looking at the Les Paul Studio worn finish as my budget didn't allow for a fancier Les Paul. But after checking out the stuff, I decided I liked the SG Special enough better to spring the extra couple of hundred bucks for it instead of the Les Paul. My Heritage Cherry ain't as pretty as that white beauty you got though. David

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