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Good prices for alnico speakers


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I wanted to pass the following news along to you helpful folk... not sure it's too very widely known yet.


First: Some of us have heard that the alnico magnets used in numerous speakers have gone up tremendously in price recently. As a result, I've learned, you can expect increases of around $100 per speaker(!) for numerous alnico speakers.


Second: Most online vendors of good alnico speakers haven't yet applied this price increase to some of their offerings, and they're using the old pricing on many models. Maybe selling off existing stock?


Third: The 12" RedFang speaker, from Eminence, all by itself costs about the same from those vendors (Musician's Friend, Guitar Center, various others) as the two-speaker Redfang-and-Wizard combination. (This is the "Barkin' Blues" speaker combo.) How did that come to pass? Sometimes the two speakers cost a few dollars less than the RedFang alone.


I just turned in an order to GC for the Barkin' Blues kit, for use with a recently-acquired 1960's all-tube amp and my Blueshawk.


We be stylin'! Now I've got to practice like mad so I deserve this setup.


Anyways, if you're thinking of buying any new alnico-magnet speakers, especially Eminence... might want to get them now. If you're a skinflint like me.

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