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How old is my SG Special


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Could anyone offer some help in dating my SG Special.


Serial number is 551293...stamped on the upper back of the headstock. No other markings.


I bought it from a kid in 1974 who said it was a 1972......I never questioned it all these years, but now I think it may be older.


The Blue Book of Electric Guitars...6th Edition indicates that it is a 1966 since the serial number is between 550000 and 556910.




looking at Gibson Electric Serialization...taken from Blue Book of Electric Guitars...11th Edition...it has

540796 - 545009 as 1969 and then jumps to

555000 - 556909 as 1966.


there is not a range that covers my serial number of 551293. Perhaps either the 6th or 11th edition has a typo.


Any ideas anyone?




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As Gibson was changing the SG often (trying to increase sales) during the period from '66 through '73, photos will be worth a thousand serial numbers. Photos along with the serial number and maybe potentiometer codes should tell the tale.


The six-digit serial number (non)system that Gibson used during the 60's and early 70's is a complete mess, and useless as stand-alone ID.

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Ok...got it sorted out. Sent photos and pot codes to Gibson support. He was real helpful. WIth this info he found my serial number in the shipping ledger archive (not public) and determined that my SG Special shipped on 3/14/69.


this is huge...puts the value much higher than it would be if it were a 1972 as I had previously believed.


Thanks every one who helped.

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