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Just need a little expertise here !


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New to the forum !! looking forward to being here !!


So I just need to have the Experts opinion here ,, with all the talk of fakes seemingly all over the web ,, I have come

across this incredibly gorgeous Ebony Standard !! Build date is 2008 it is a 2002 spec Les Paul Standard with the 60's neck,, what has lead me to this post is the positioning of the " Les Paul Model " decal ,, seems awful close to the TRC ,, now I realize that this is probably not an issue as everything else seems to lead to being the genuine article ,, " Gibson " engraved pots ,, no black in cavity ,, barely legible serial number ,, plays absolutely amazing ,, sounds incredible ,, case is perfect as to spec ,, like I said its probably just paranoia but id like to be sure ,, this is my venture back into playing Les Paul's again after giving up 20 years ago and going to PRS ,, so this is a homecoming of sorts after playing for 30 years and finally finding a Les Paul that Im sure I can fall in love with !!


Anyways ,, thanks for your help !!


Cheers to all !

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Thanks Guys !! Really appreciate it !! I am aware of the Chambering and Im becoming a big fan ,, nice to handle weight wise ,, very comfortable ,, having a blast getting to know Les Pauls again ,, had a look at a spectacular traditional ( ebony ) but being that it weighed in @ 10 lbs and having a sh**y back just wasnt for me !!


Thanks again !!


Cheers !

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