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Some Gibson Guitars....gotta love that Koa!!!


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I just LOVE the look of Koa' date=' however, have not really played many Koa guitars that sound too good to my ear...Very pretty though, that Koa Blues King gets my Gas going...








I know what you mean... .I've got my G.A.S. on for a Hummingbird KOA.

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Its purty, alright. I'll never forget the flame on a koa Gurian i checked out once upon a time. But I've never strummed a chord or plucked string on a koa guitar and gone anything other than ...... meh. Neither ringing nor glassy nor ballsy nor sweet. I will quote scripture on this: "you are neither hot nor cold, I will spew you from my mouth" or words to that effect. Purty, tho. Maybe better for Weisenborns? J

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