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Just picked up new 58 VOS today


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I just picked up my new 58 VOS today Ice Tea and I am blown away at the beauty and the tone of this monster!

I was alittle intimidated by the neck but after 10 min I loved it feels great becasue the action and playablity was awesome.I was a skeptic wondering if there was a difference between the standard and vos version. I and I will say there is a difference.


It is keeper!





SongWriter D





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Congrats, sweet looking R8, play the hell out of it.



My Gear :-)


‘10 LP R0 50th Anniversary Version 3 1/500 (Cherry Burst)

‘09 LP R9 50th Anniversary (Heritage Dark Burst) 1/500, Bought 4-2010 new

‘10 PRS 25th Anniversary Santana Model ,10Top / Santana Yellow

‘09 LP R9 50th. Anniversary 1 of 59 (Rust Burst)

‘09 LP R0 Standard Ebony VOS

‘09 “Wildwood” CS - 356 Quilted maple & Korina

‘05 Les Paul Standard Faded T.B.

‘08 50th comm.edition, G.O.M. Flying V

‘08 July G.O.M. Longhorn Double Cut BV (Trans Blue)

‘08 Firebird VII (metallic red)

‘08 Fender Stratocaster ‘70’s reissue (black / rosewood neck)(Fat‘50’s pups)

‘08 Fender Stratocaster ‘70’s reissue (natural / maple neck)

1999 MIM Fender Stratocaster ’70’s reissue (white / maple neck)(‘69 pups)

1987 Japan Squier by Fender, Stratocaster (white / maple neck)

1986 Ovation Model # 1767-Legend

‘08 Marshall JVM 210H - 1960 AX Cabinet

‘10 Fender Blues Deluxe reissue

And some pedals

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Greetings and thanks to all



I got it from Long and McQuade. I had an opportunity to pick up a previously owned Faded Tobacco with the tags still on it. But I delayed my decison by 15 Min and it was sold. I was dissappointed. But a contact brought this in and I had a chance to pick-up a 60's VOS in Cherry instead of this 58. I liked the 60's unit it was a good player although the top was nothing special. I have a better top on my standard although there was no comparison in tone and again playablity on the 60's vos. The 58 just spoke to me after plugging it in. The bigger neck is great ! Infact it is a nice change. I find it easier to play. But I will say it ooozzzes quality.


Besides fantastic tone it is one great looking piece of wood.

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